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Don't try this at home, particularly if - like performance artist Li Wei - you live in a tower block

These amazing photographs are not montages and do not involve any computer trickery
Li Wei, who lives in Beijing, creates the images using mirrors, carefully hidden thin wires...
..and his own acrobatic skills, honed from years of martial arts training
The pictures feature Wei suspended in a string of impossible situations at locations across Hong Kong and China

Others include images of him plunging through a car windscreen...
..embedded in ice...
...and floating mid-air with a bunch of friends perched on his back
"I am fascinated by the unstable and dangerous sides of art and I hope my works reflect these aspects," he says
"Sometimes I am in real danger - I have to hang myself high with steel wires and people do get a little worried for me - but I am fine"
We can't help wondering whether it might not be easier - and safer - to use Photoshop
See more Li Wei's art here

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Anonymous on Feb 19, 2009, 6:31:00 PM  

wah... keren tuh gambar2 nya :)