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Posted on 4/30/2009 04:26:00 PM

Dreadful Japanese Schoolgirl Art

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This series of artistic photographs is massively messed up. It features women dressed as school girls in bizarre, very provocative and downright disturbing positions.

These images get away with their shocking content due to the quality of the photographs and each shot’s setup; however, if these were taken on a rubbish camera with no direction, they’d fall within “Call the police immediately” territory.

This series is a textbook example of using art as a cover for questionable actions.

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Posted on 4/30/2009 03:43:00 PM

Pictured: Obama's First 100 Days

Such is his star quality that, 100 days into his Presidency, most of the world is still in thrall to Barack Obama.

In this extraordinary series of photographs taken during his first weeks in the White House, the full power of Obama's charm and charisma is on display.

From walking the pet dog he had promised his daughters he'd get them when he was elected, to playing with a football in the Oval Office or using 3D glasses to watch the Super Bowl on TV with his family, this is a President who plays to the cameras for all it's worth.

In pictures: See all 300 of the White House images of Barack Obama on Flickr

Yo, Mister Pres: Fist-bumping with a U.S. soldier as he greets the troops during his visit to Camp Victory in Iraq (April 7)

In the hot seat... all kitted out for his first flight aboard Air Force One, symbol of the President's power (February 5)

Let's dance: Barack and his First Lady Michelle take to the floor at the Governors Ball (February 22)

The presidential snack: Carrots, pear, cheese and Pepperidge Farm crackers - with the Butterfly crackers carefully positioned at the top. Pepperidge Farm's Butterfly crackers are popular in the U.S.

Lending a hand: The president is helped by Vermont Governor Jim Douglas to move a couch in the Oval Office in February

All-American kind of guy: President Obama tosses an American football in the Oval Office in April
Who's leading who? Bo, the Portuguese water dog, and latest addition to the Obama household, takes the President for walkies (April 14)

The presidential golf swing: Secret Service agents stand watch as Mr Obama practises before an event in Los Angeles in March

And the president takes in some afternoon putting with Joe Biden on the White House putting green in April

And he plays basketball too: The president practises his drop shot on the White House lawn in March

Focus of attention: The subject takes aim at the Press pack in Arizona (February 18)

A Secret Service agent stands in the shadows as the president looks out a window

On a tour of the State Floor of the White House in January, the president looks at a picture of John F Kennedy. He and wife Michelle have channelled the Kennedys many times

Teddy bear picnic: Sparring with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the White House lawn in April

The president meets with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar aboard Air Force One during a flight to Colorado in February
He's good with kids too: Mr Obama helps a little girl roll her egg during the White House Easter Egg Roll...

... throws his arms around daughters Sasha and Malia at the White House in March...

... and kisses a baby in Prague in April

There's smiles all round as Mr Obama hugs wife Michelle in March
The president flashes a victory sign as he snuggles with Michelle on the back of a golf cart on their way to his inaugural ball
And the couple share a moment as they dance while the band Earth, Wind and Fire performs at the Governors Ball in February

And finally: Dad must be getting some work done as Michelle, Sasha and Malia go for a sleigh ride on the White House lawn

Just hanging out with friends: The president and the first lady don 3-D glasses to watch the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party in the family theatre of the White House

Score! The president cheers during the game... but Michelle has obviously decided she had better things to do

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Posted on 4/28/2009 03:30:00 PM

The Mind-blowing Lego Ads

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Lego creativity is not limited to building bricks and stop motion movies, it extends even to advertising. As with plastic bricks, they can take the simplest concept and often make a powerful and witty statement.

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