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The Real Life Of Barbie And Ken's Marriage

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Bizarre, unique, fanciful and a little bit weird are certainly some of the words one could use to describe Japan’s largest and most incredible “spa resort zone.”

Spa experiences to fit almost every fantasy and palette are available here, but the magic carpets for transport lay only in the realm of imagination buried deep within the mind of the traveler.

The main spa facility is composed of three islands called The God’s Aegean Sea. This fantastic aqua carnival of wonder and drama offers a myriad of water massaging devices and dynamic special effects created by a fully illuminated water screen high above on the ceiling.

Perhaps an ancient Roman bath is more your thing? If so, come and do as Nero and Hadrian and other notables of antiquity did. Reap the benefits of their secrets of good health, namely, bathing in a combination of temperatures: a hot water spa, a cold-water spa and a mist sauna. (Roman maidens are not included in this equation and work best when left to the bather’s imagination!)

Yunessun also offers a luxurious Turkish style spa (Hamam), which is designed like an Ottoman palace. Here you can bathe in luxury under a dome-shaped ceiling lushly decorated in mosaic tiles. A fantastic lighting display reflects on the walls.

Besides these fantastic spa experiences, the huge waterfalls and three types of water slides at Yunessun’s Rodeo Mountain offer a taste of life on the edge with its rides on the wild side for the more adventurous bather and other family members (all of whom must be over 4 feet tall to participate). Even in colder weather the falls and slides are open as the water is steamed.

Certainly among the weirdest of spa experiences available and in keeping with the Japanese belief that Sake is good for maintaining the beauty of the skin, the Japanese Sake Spa provides a constant dripping from a huge cask filled with real Sake.

Not to be outdone in the category of bizarre and unique is the Green Tea Spa, which contains, you guessed it, a huge pot (about 7 feet tall) of green tea. The tea comes from the base of the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains and it has a rich aroma as well as Catcechin, a powerful anti-oxidant known to fight tumors as well as enhancing the immune system.
If coffee is more your caffeine bag, the Coffee Spa contains real coffee made with hot spring water! If you are weary, delectable aromas you will find blending here will instantly revitalize your senses.

Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt loved to bathe in wine and now at Yunessun’s Wine Spa, you can too. The 12-foot high wine bottle is like no other. You can actually watch the wine as it pours into the spa a few times daily.

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These are the breathtaking underwater pictures captured by a marine life photographer in the wildest parts of the planet. David Doubilet's awe-inspiring images were taken in far-flung parts of the Antarctic and around exotic islands. The vibrant photographs range from cute Australian sea lions peering inquisitively into the lens to a terrifying Great White Shark opening its jaws in South Africa.

Three Stingrays

 Southern stingrays soar across the raved raked sands of the North Sound Grand Cayman Island

Chinstrap and gentoo penguins, Danko Island, Antarctica

 Chinstrap and gentoo penguins on a bergy bit or small ice floe off Danko Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Papuan fisherman Raja Ampat Indonesia

 A papuan fisherman stands in his wooden outrigger above schools of flashing baitfish in Raja Ampat Indonesia
In the spotlight: Barracuda encircle daredevil diver Dinah Halstead as intrepid photographr David Doubilet captures the moment in the clear waters of Papua New Guinea

Male tomato clownfish gaurds his clutch of eggs
 A male tomato clownfish gaurds his clutch of developing eggs, Anilao, Philippines. The eggs hatch in one week and are well tended and fiercly gaurded by the male parent

Mating Loggerhead Turtles

 A stack of mating loggerhead turtles in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key Largo Florida.
Parrotfish Smile

 A sleeping parrotfish appear to smile with near perfect teeth, heron Island Great barrier Reef Australia

Shortnose Batfish
 Shortnose Batfish, Ogcocephalus nasutus, Portrait Cuba

Great white shark bite

 Great white shark bite Gansbaai South Africa
Australian Sea Lion

 An australian sea lion peers playfully into the camera off Hopkins Island South Australia

Stingray and Sailboat

 Southern stingray glides across the waved raked sands of North Sound Grand Cayman island

Spine cheek clownfish in bleached anemone Papua New Guinea

 Spine cheeked anemone premnas biaculeatus in bleached anemone entacmaea quadricolor from Milne Bay Papua New Guinea
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Posted on 6/24/2012 01:51:00 PM

Kids Sure Are Funny!

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Newly opened in Dubai's Jumeriah Town Centre - Dubai, the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa caters to both young girls and women alike with a variety of treatments ranging from hand massages to "kitty-cures." Ratings of "queen" and "princess" denote if the treatment is meant for kids or adults.

 More of a beauty salon and less of a true day spa, the treatments focus on the aesthetic – haircuts, blowouts, up-dos and mani pedis – than the true "spa" treatments like facials or body massages. But, if you want, you can get the famed Hello Kitty "Kitty White" character painted on your nails, or snack on an organic cupcake post-treatment at the cafe.

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