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These are the breathtaking underwater pictures captured by a marine life photographer in the wildest parts of the planet. David Doubilet's awe-inspiring images were taken in far-flung parts of the Antarctic and around exotic islands. The vibrant photographs range from cute Australian sea lions peering inquisitively into the lens to a terrifying Great White Shark opening its jaws in South Africa.

Three Stingrays

 Southern stingrays soar across the raved raked sands of the North Sound Grand Cayman Island

Chinstrap and gentoo penguins, Danko Island, Antarctica

 Chinstrap and gentoo penguins on a bergy bit or small ice floe off Danko Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Papuan fisherman Raja Ampat Indonesia

 A papuan fisherman stands in his wooden outrigger above schools of flashing baitfish in Raja Ampat Indonesia
In the spotlight: Barracuda encircle daredevil diver Dinah Halstead as intrepid photographr David Doubilet captures the moment in the clear waters of Papua New Guinea

Male tomato clownfish gaurds his clutch of eggs
 A male tomato clownfish gaurds his clutch of developing eggs, Anilao, Philippines. The eggs hatch in one week and are well tended and fiercly gaurded by the male parent

Mating Loggerhead Turtles

 A stack of mating loggerhead turtles in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key Largo Florida.
Parrotfish Smile

 A sleeping parrotfish appear to smile with near perfect teeth, heron Island Great barrier Reef Australia

Shortnose Batfish
 Shortnose Batfish, Ogcocephalus nasutus, Portrait Cuba

Great white shark bite

 Great white shark bite Gansbaai South Africa
Australian Sea Lion

 An australian sea lion peers playfully into the camera off Hopkins Island South Australia

Stingray and Sailboat

 Southern stingray glides across the waved raked sands of North Sound Grand Cayman island

Spine cheek clownfish in bleached anemone Papua New Guinea

 Spine cheeked anemone premnas biaculeatus in bleached anemone entacmaea quadricolor from Milne Bay Papua New Guinea
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Anne H on Jun 29, 2012, 4:23:00 PM  

WOW! I`m speechless! I cannot believe that these photos are real!