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Posted on 3/30/2012 02:59:00 PM

Awesome Treehouse Castle For Grownups

Have a look at this amazing treehouse castle, and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. How could extravagant living become any more geeky? It’s the ultimate castle, and if you ever need to compare it with a real castle, don’t bother. They simply can’t be compared. Real castles are for barons, kings and people with wallets the size of a jumbo jet. This castle is a whole different thing. If you save up a little, not much at all, you can actually afford it.

These castles range from $78,800 – $94,600 without customization. It’s not too shabby for such an awesome treehouse castle, right? Imagine inviting your friends and loved ones to your home for the first time. The first impression they will have would be priceless! Their expressions would be worth being framed in your living room for the remainder of your life, truly! So next time you sit down in front of the television, try to tell yourself that everything is possible and then become dedicated. Every dream is built with dedication. The sooner you act on that, the sooner you will see those dreams of yours come true. This treehouse castle is someone’s badass dream come true!

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Posted on 3/28/2012 02:28:00 PM

25 Hollywood Celebrities of The Renaissance

The Renaissance period of history is an incredible one—full of artistic endeavor by the Italians, the Spanish and the French. The period saw the birth and popularization of modern science, with figures like Leonardo da Vinci at the fore. It also saw some of the best works of realistic art.

Some Photoshop enthusiasts have taken the initiative to use some of those old paintings as canvasses for modern celebrity portraits.

via wildammo.com

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Posted on 3/26/2012 10:26:00 AM

12 Best Instagram Photos

Mashable got in touch with Instagram’s community team, made up of Josh Riedel (@josh on Instagram) and Jessica Zollman (@jayzombie) to get their take on the app’s phenomenal success.

“Since we launched in October 2010, it’s been both rewarding and humbling to see people around the world embrace Instagram as a way of sharing small moments of life through gorgeous mobile photos,” Josh told Mashable.

“Every day, we get the chance to discover what’s happening around the world and in our friends’ lives by scrolling through our Instagram feeds, and we’re excited for the many beautiful photos we’re bound to see as the community continues to grow.”

Athipan Wongsuebyut (@awnoom)
Josh Riedel: "This photo was taken in Thailand during the flooding last year, yet there's something hopeful about the photo: the forward motion of the boat gives the sense that this too will pass."

Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori)
Josh Riedel: "I love seeing the world the way others see it, especially when they live most of their life in the sky. Adam Senatori is a pilot who snaps photos on his iPhone while thousands of feet up in the air. There's something calming about this aerial view of a farm in western Wisconsin."

Allan Hinton (@chaiwalla)
Jessica Zollman: "I love when people share portraits of their friends or family on Instagram, providing a window to their lives, and this is one of those portraits that just demands you stop in your feed and look! The autumn leaves, her red lipstick and the orange hat all filtered through Valencia - such a beautiful blend of colors."

Maura Grace (@folkfibers)
Josh Riedel: "I love the way you can travel through photos. Maura (@folkfibers) travels the USA in her VW van, and her photos take you along for the ride. I like to imagine Maura pulling to the side of the road and leaning out her window to snap this shot as she's leaving the park."

Philip Park (@komeda)
Josh Riedel: "Millions of people live in Seoul, but this photo makes you believe there is only this one man and his bicycle."

Matt Rubin (@mattrubin)
Jessica Zollman: "I'm a sucker for cars, architecture and typography, so this was a no brainer favorite. I think the best part about this image is that, if you look carefully, you can see that the photographer managed to capture himself taking this photo in the shop window."

Benjamin Heath (@benjaminheath)
Jessica Zollman: "Iconic photos of San Francisco landmarks are commonplace in my feed,
but this photo brought a fresh perspective. I love the soft light, the haze from the fog and that there is so much sky."

Robert Josiah (@robertjosiah)
Jessica Zollman: "The marriage of blinding white with bright colors and a blue hue creates a sterile feeling to this image, and often appears to be iridescent as a result of the depth of field. This is a great example of how subtly editing with iPhone applications can create a beautiful image."

Shah Kashani (@shahkashani)
Josh Riedel: "This was taken during the Giants Superbowl parade in NYC. I saw a bunch of parade photos in my feed that day, but this one stood out. It made me feel like I was there watching, too."

Simon (@stmng)
Jessica Zollman: "The composition of this image is just fantastic. The use of the blur tool to create depth of field, and the warm tones over the black & white processing sets such a beautiful mood."

Tyson Wheatley (@twheat)
Josh Riedel: "Sometimes it's best to focus on the parts rather than the whole. I love all the shades of grey in this photo, the splotches of white, the wrinkles and creases around the eye."

Lindsey Garrett (@modchik)
Jessica Zollman: "We couldn't leave out a cat photo! Weebee is one of many photogenic Instapets, and she looks pretty great in Rise. This is also a beautifully composed shot, broken up into three sections and perfectly focused on the subject."

via mashable.com

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“To take someone’s breath away, don’t think money and expense, think creative,” – says Brusse the author of Love Injections.

Love injections is a photography book with extraordinary ways to surprise the one you love. It stirs your creativity, to think outside the box when surprising someone. This so you can say in a very special way “I love you”. With more than 200 images and text it’s a perfect gift, full of original ideas to express your emotions.

Available on Amazon for $19.90.

via demilked.com

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Posted on 3/21/2012 02:51:00 PM

'Love & Paint': An Artist Makes Passionate Sex To Arts

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The thirty-year-old Parson's graduate says that 'love is a creative force' and tells the couples (nearly 50 have signed up so far) to 'have fun with the paint, but don't make it all about the paint'

A New York-based artist has been inviting amorous couples to make creative magic on his canvas by covering themselves in paint and letting their impulses get the better of them.

Alexander Esguerra leaves the couples in a completely private setting - no Andy Warhol-style voyeurism here - with low-lighting, candles and even a heated canvas.

'I woke up one morning after a sexual encounter and my normally organized room was a mess,” he told the New York Daily News.

'I wanted to artistically capture those moments through the act of sex that our bodies interacted and affected the space around us without bringing in that whole played-out porn spiel.'

Nearly fifty couples have been inspired to sign up for the project.

They cover themselves in non-toxic, water-based paint and set up the canvas on a floor covered in plastic.There's nothing smutty about it.

Full of slapped paint, finger and hand marks, streaks of passion and blurred action

The project has become so popular with his friends and customers that Mr Esguerra has turned it into a business.

He now sells 'Love and Paint' experiences, where the couple will create the art in a luxury hotel, packages - including ample body paint, of course, start at $2,500.

Mr Esguerra is now preparing for his seventh exhibition of Love and Paint, launching next Tuesday at famously wild New York nightclub, The Box.


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