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The 38-year-old has been inundated with orders since setting up his business, called Paul's Creative Cakes, at his home in Colchester, Essex.

And he spends hours painstakingly carving each in to all sorts of weird and wacky designs.

Paul said: 'I was a chef for 22 years and I began making cakes for friends and family after being asked to take control of the pastry section at work.

'When orders started getting more regular I decided to start making cakes full time.

His carved inventions, made with flavoured sponges and covered with jam, butter cream, fondant and icing, start at £35.

The chef made a packet of Custard Creams for a biscuit-loving grandfather and didn't miss any detail - down to the price tag

Knitting yarn with needles

A birthday cake in the shape of a full English, complete with knife and fork, bacon, eggs, sausages and black pudding - it even comes with a bottle of Ketchup, napkin and salt & pepper

Paul created a fairytale castle, which measured an impressive six feet by four feet and took an entire week to complete

One father clearly has an appetite for unhealthy food with a cake in the shape of a hot dog, chips, beer and a glazed doughnut for dessert

An actual Jaffa cake that even has nutritional information and a serial number on the packet

An ice cream Sunday


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