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Posted on 2/03/2009 09:23:00 PM

Amazing Accidents Ever Happened

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Daniel Lyons's van careered off a mountain road and balanced perilously on a cliff edge 170 feet from the ground, in Colorado
A 4x4 lies at the bottom of a cliff at Polpeor, in Cornwall, after it plunged 250 feet from the top. The driver jumped out, ran alongside and pulled out her son, just two feet from the edge
A red Mazda Miata sits at the bottom of the Campasino family's swimming pool in Stewartstown, Philadelphia. It rolled into the pool after their neighbour left the handbrake off
A lorry wedged in the doors of the Stena Voyager ferry bound for Belfast, after it returned to the Scottish port of Stranraer

About 125 vehicles on both directions of the busy interstate piled up along a foggy stretch of road in Ringold, northwest Georgia
A commuter train passes the scene where a lorry came off a road and on to railway tracks in Buckinghamshire on the West Coast Mainline. No one was injured and no collision took place

The living room of a house in Newport. The owners were watching television when the lorry crashed through the bay window
A car protrudes through an exterior wall following a crash on the third story of parking garage in Tokyo
A car crashed into a church roof in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany. According to the police the driver missed a turn, driving too fast, continued straight ahead on a slightly rising field and then 'took off' to land in the church roof.
A car crash on Sunnyside Road in Alloa, Scotland. A pensioner escaped injury when the vehicle smashed through his bedroom wall

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