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"Now remember, kids: crime doesn't pay"

"We'll wish you luck, but we don't have to be happy about it."
Sasha probably wasn't too happy when her colleagues gave her this
And then there are the disturbing cakes. If you received this one, you'd have nightmares for years
"The plastic clone babies wearing naught but mohawks are bad enough, but then they're also riding carrots. What do you do with that? It looks like some kind of perverted vegetable rodeo, or maybe a bizarre clone military exercise, what with their little plastic fists raised high in identical salutes. And what kind of occasion calls for a "naked babies riding carrots" decor, anyway? No, wait, maybe I don't want to know"

The strange brown pile on top of this cake leads one to wonder just what their "specialty" is

Maximum irony has now been achieved. Yep, it's a Fail cake Fail.

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