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Posted on 2/07/2009 06:32:00 PM

What Happened To The Aged Superheroes?

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They go to this secret superheroes “home for the aged”. It’s a hidden headquarters no one knows about — except for retired senior citizen superheroes. No kidding.

Ahh… back in the old days they used to punch villains and shit. And now look at them, they look bored to death and boring as hell. They do nothing but watch TV all day, and maybe poke fun at The Hulk for being on a wheel chair or something - I know, the irony. No more “Hulk Smash!” for him.

As you have noticed, it’s the clash of the Marvel and DC universe. Only shows none of the superheroes can escape the wrath of time, yes, even Superman.

Wonder Woman used to be hot and now look at her, the boobies are definitely sagging off. Such a shame.

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