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Posted on 2/04/2009 09:54:00 PM

Naughty Ads That Cross The Line

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These very graphic, extremely disturbing ads are actually part of a real life AIDS campaign in France.
If your going to do something well, you might as well do it really well. It follows that if you’re going to be sexist, you might as well be really sexist. Well, Che Men’s Magazine pulled that one off brilliantly
JBS mens underwear new campaign employs the slogan “Men do not want to look at naked men”. So what do they do? They use partially-nude hot females in a super naughty, super provocative maxim-like.
In Tom Ford’s risque new campaign, just like his last ad, a very nude woman is featured wearing nothing but the product. This time, instead of being placed between her cleavage, it was placed between her legs.
LG has the perfect excuse for featuring bikini-clad models in the ad campaign for their KF600 phone. See, LG has (ingeniously) named the phone model, the Bikini.
The "Au Naturel" campaign for Avondale Wine is simple and straight to the point: we are getting back to nature.
The new Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume commercial featuring Eva Mendes has been banned by Stateside TV networks for being too racy.
The latest in buzzworthy ads is the new Equinox Fitness ad campaign, “Happily Ever.” One image features a group of nuns (one revealing a sexy garter!) sketching a still life portrait of a very chiseled, naked model who looks much like Michelangelo’s David. Judging by their facial expressions, they’re quite amused by the features of their manly muse.
This Measurements ad campaign for Secrets From Your Sister bra fitting specialists showcases their expertise at choosing the right bra for you by showing models wearing pretty much nothing at all.
Who would have thought that a lollipop ad can get so naughty and risque?check out here for more naughty ads that cross the line.

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