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Driving across the rural parts of America you'll undoubtedly notice the large number of churches that use their signs to try and draw people into their church with a joke or a pun or some good old fashioned fire and brimstone fear. The problem is, the comedy stylings of most church pastors is kind of like a combination of Yakov Smirnoff and Rush Limbaugh. You either get the world's crappiest puns or some sort of evil, hate filled message that's supposed to scare you into attending, or a totally awesome unintentional double entrendre. Either way, these signs are the only interesting thing to look at when you're driving from Pennsylvania to Colorado.

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anney on Apr 16, 2009, 10:58:00 PM  

It's a shame that some people are trying to be funny but I find it offensive to others. I wonder how they could come up with crazy church signs and still get people to enter their church. By the way, I checked out your facebook link and saw your profile photo. You are very pretty and sexy!

Sera Melinda on Apr 17, 2009, 5:39:00 PM  

I think they're just being creative. And they think that would attract more people to come to their church (probably it'd attract tourists :)