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Photo manipulation is one of the most creative artforms to come out of the digital age. Here are another five masters of this technique and their stunning artworks, blending real photos with synthetic elements for a surreal result. (click to enlarge)

10. David Waters
Website http://www.ishbu.com/

David Waters is currently studying graphic design at the university of Idaho. While he loves computer art, he is learning about more traditional methods of art and how to use theme in his creative process. David is constantly on the look out for other creatives to work with and learn from so that he can push his design skill to their full potential.

2. Eduardo Rodrigues
Website http://nkray.deviantart.com/

Eduardo Rodrigues is a 20 year old artist from Barcelos, Portugal. He is interested in all things design, but tends to focus on digital art and photo manipulation. He is extremely active in the online art communities of Deviant Art and Behance. To connect with him, check out his portfolio link above.

3. Jerico Santander
Website http://www.behance.net/Jerico

Jerico's work is creative, bright, and just plain fun. Jerico is another one of those top photo manipulation artists whose work is constantly floating around the design community websites. Most notably, you may have seen his work on Desktopography. If you want to know what a good photo manipulation portfolio looks like, this is it.

5. Alberto Seveso
Website http://www.burdu976.com/

If you have spent any time browsing graphic design blogs looking for design inspiration, you have undoubtedly seen some of Alberto's work. Much of his work has created a number of trends in the design community. His portfolio is one the shouldn't be missed.

5. Cristiano Siqueira
Website http://www.crisvector.com/

Cristiano is a freelancer from Brazil who took the typical route to freelancing by going to college for communication design and then spent a few years in the corporate world. He worked as a graphic design and packaging designer before he went into illustration full-time for himself.

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anney on Mar 23, 2009, 11:51:00 PM  

Amazing photomanipulation! These people are really talented!

Unknown on Mar 25, 2009, 3:25:00 AM  

You can imagine that I am in awe of your photos.
I am totally captivated by any Unique photos and you have some very Unique shots here.

Thank you for the fantastic entertainment!

Have a very nice day!

Sera Melinda on Mar 26, 2009, 5:56:00 PM  

Hi Anney,
Yeah and they're still very young too. Cool!

Sera Melinda on Mar 26, 2009, 5:57:00 PM  

Hi Dorothy,
Glad you enjoyed them :)
Have a nice day too.