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Wedding... oh wedding.... Not only it's a holly event, it can be hilarious too :)

Photo by Brian Wedge / Maine

Photo by Kym Skiles / Texas

Photo by Kenneth Paul Soong / Alberta, Canada
Photo by Antonis Giannelis / Greece
Photo by Heather McKay / New York

Photo by Anthony Ku / Texas
Photo by Clinton James / Washington

Photo by Marianne Earthy / Sweden

Photo by Heidi Huber / California

Photo by Bill McCullough / Texas

Photo by Karen Segrave / Arkansas

Photo by Anna Kuperberg / California

Photo by Sergio Lopez / Arizona

Photo by Katrina Wallace / Arizona

Photo by Eric Lagstein / New Jersey

Photo by Peter Pawinski / Illinois

Photo by Kristin Reimer / New Jersey

Photo by Nely Fok / California

Photo by Sol Tamargo / Mexico

Photo by Mark Harrelson / Colorado

Photo by Dave Arntson / North Dakota

Photo by Susan Stripling / Florida

Photo by Kirk Mastin / Idaho

Photo by Max De Martino / Italy

Photo by Kristian Olson / Minnesota

Photo by Andre de Saint Phalle / Vermont

Photo by Brooke Mayo / North Carolina

Photo by Jonathan Kirshner / Illinois

Photo by Daniel Sheehan / Washington

Photo by Tony Marin / Victoria, Australia

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