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Posted on 3/04/2009 01:53:00 PM

10 Absolutely Cool Workplaces

Conference bikeThis has got to be the coolest idea in a long time. 7 people pedal along, one steers. It’s the conference bike!! While it’s not a workplace, it would make a great meeting room!!


Their HQ, the Googleplex is seriously cool and creative.

Kathy Sierra’s trailer

Kathy Sierra, who writes one of the best blogs in existence, created her home office in a vintage trailer.

Menlo Innovations

Menlo Innovations is a software development company in Ann Arbor Michigan. They do all their programming work using eXtreme Programming, and while their offices aren’t particularly fancy to look at, they are ideally suited to the work they do.


Who says government offices must be boring. Mindlab at the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs in Copenhagen, Denmark is a meeting facility available to all employees.

The heart of it is an egg-shaped meeting room inside which all the walls are whiteboards - you can write on any surface in there. This was designed by Bosch & Fjord.


A row of little huts, each of which is an office.

John Lasseter's office

Red Bull London

a slide that people can use to go between floors. Yee-hah!

The Happy At Work Project

We (=The Happy At Work Project) wanted something simple, fun, flexible and practical for the office. The central piece is a high desk where three people can comfortably work side by side. You can stand or sit on high office chairs. Up to 8 people can meet around it. Everything you see there is from IKEA, and setting up the whole office with workspaces for 3 people cost about 1000 euros.

VW Phaeton plant

But what about industry? You could never create, say, a really cool car assembly plant could you? Sure you could. Check out the Volkswagen Phaeton plant in Dresden, Germany.

What If? Innovation

What If? Innovation were celebrated as the UK’s happiest workplace in both 2004 and 2005.

Looking in the window on the combined reception and meeting space. A great idea that creates a hub for everyone in the company.

Praise for employees is written across the walls and ceiling in the hub area.

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Arnolds Office furniture on Mar 14, 2011, 9:53:00 PM  

Bizarre office furniture! Cool! Does this space really exists?