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Posted on 5/31/2010 11:26:00 AM

Have Fun With These Silly Condoms

Musical Condoms

Ukrainian scientist has invented a condom that plays music during sex.
A miniature loudspeaker and motion sensor implanted in the condom’s upper cuff provides a range of musical tones during sex. Music volume depends on intensity of love-making and tone varies based on the sexual position.
The condom’s main limitation, however, is primitive sound quality, similar to tones produced by first-generation cellphones. Testing has shown no danger of electric shock to users of the device.

Glowing condoms

Love Light, is a phosphorescent condom that glow in the dark. It’s available in a package of 6 or 12, costing 8.45 and 14.95 euros respectively. To shine, it needs to be exposed to light for 30 seconds, and the condom will glow brightly for about 15 minutes, followed by an afterglow that can last for hours.
Re-exposing the condom to light while it is still on will recharge it and make it glow brightly again. But remember, you should never reuse a condom.

McCondom – Whisky Flavoured Condoms

Combine your binge drinking with your safe sex in one easy step.

A condom with the ruler

Condometricis a condom aimed to measure penis’ length. A condom with the “ruler”, a great idea!
“Condometric is the first prophylactic that measures and shows off the penis’ length. Condometric helps us flaunt what we’ve got. It’s about believing we can handle whatever we wish to take on, regardless of size.”

Kama Sutra Condoms

As if you needed another reason to stay safe in the sack, Kama Sutra Condoms are a set of 64 condoms featuring different sexual positions described in the bible of boinking. Made from latex by Atypyk, they make a great excuse to try some kinky moves with your partner.

MyFace Condoms

Custom printed condoms with your image. Lubricated Latex Condoms FDA Approved with your personal message – Customize your own condoms with your name, picture or whatever floats your dingy.

David Beckham Condoms
A Chinese condom manufacturer uses the LA Galaxy soccer star David Beckham’s image onto its packaging, without permission from him. It just looks like David Beckham is the spokesman for their condoms.
With the help of David Beckham, the brand tops the condom sales in China.

‘Spray-On’ Condom

A German inventor, Jan Vinzenz Krause, has come up with a sprayed-to-measure system that should ensure a snug fit for even the most unusual sizes.”With our technology we could spray a condom on an erect elephant,” he declared, not without a hint of pride.
The aim is for the process to take just 10 seconds but at present the latex drying time is around 20 to 25 seconds. “We’re working to shorten that time,” said Krause.


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Trojan Condoms on Jul 26, 2010, 7:30:00 PM  

can say David Beckham is one convincing spokesman that their product is saleable then. the kama sutra condoms are great too where it shows different angles and position to enjoy.