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The fetus cake

Muppet cake (threadcakes.com)

This edible chocolate couch by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich (odditycentral.com)

Bed cake (threadcakes.com)

Shower cake (threadcakes.com)

Kitchen cake (threadcakes.com)

Cushion cake (threadcakes.com)

Knitting cake (threadcakes.com)

Twilight cake (cakecentral.com)

iPhone cake

Egypt cake

Dino cake?

Brain cake (instructables.com)

Hand cake (instructables.com)

Octopus cake created by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery (foododdity.com)

Spag bol cake (cakewrecks.com)

Baby cake (cakewrecks.com)

Wolf cake (cakewrecks.com)

Swimming pool cake (cakewrecks.com)

Cookie cake (cakewrecks.com)

Claw cake (cakewrecks.com)

Turkey cake (cakewrecks.com)

Skull cake (scaryjane.com)

Sewing machine cake (from smallthingsiced.co.uk)

Zombie dog cake (Flikr)

Sandwich cake (Ace of Cakes)

Burger cake (cakecentral.com)

Baby shower cake

Underwear cake (cakewrecks.com)

Camera cake (weheartit.com)

Baby cake (cakewrecks.com)

Toilet cake (cakewrecks.com)

Ipod cake (debbiedoescakes.net)

Fertility cake

Knitting cake (cakecentral.com)

Bon Voyage

Chinese noodle box cake (cakecentral.com)

Rainbow cake. made by Pip Lincolne

Turkey cake (cakewrecks.com)

Sesame Street cake

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