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Rarely have ants been captured on film in such a way that demonstrates their incredible relative strength and balance.

These fascinating close-up shots even appear to capture the character of each ant, as it 'performs' for the camera.

The incredible stunts range from balancing giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree above their heads to dramatically clinging on to each other in diamond formation on a tiny plant.

 And in an amazing show of strength they even move into different gravity-defying shapes as they carry their food back to the nest for the rest of their colony.

 The stunning snaps were taken by keen photographer Eko Adiyanto, 40, who used a special macro technique to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures.

Eko, from West Java, Indonesia, said: 'The ants are so small and to see how much power they have in their tiny bodies is fascinating.

'There are a lot of insects roaming around near my house and I find it really interesting. I use macro photography to find out more about what they do.

 Eko said this unique perspective of the humble ant can only be captured in macro format and it requires 'a lot of patience, tenacity and high spirit because it can take a long time'.

He said: #But the results are amazing, especially when the red ants appear to perform tricks like this for the camera which are unseen to the naked eye.


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Norm Bleac on Aug 29, 2013, 4:20:00 PM  

Aren't these upside-down? (Except one)