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How would you like to go into a restaurant and order a piece of sushi the size of this? My question is, how would a person eat this? It’s not like you can pop it in your mouth like a regular piece of sushi.

This particular piece of sushi is served at a Japanese restaurant, and it is called the Generous Roll. The piece of seaweed that it’s assembled on is 2 meters long! It contains 24 delicious ingredients, and it weighs 6 kilograms (13 pounds).

Although this restaurant may hold the title for serving the largest pieces of sushi to its customers, this is not technically the world’s biggest piece of sushi. The world’s biggest piece of sushi would never be able to be put on a restaurant’s menu, well, unless you ordered it a month in advance so they had time to prepare it. If you want to get a look at that badboy, you can click over to Foodbeast.

Unfortunately, this roll of deliciousness doesn’t come cheap. It costs about 15,000 Japanese Yen, which is about the equivalent of $195.


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