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We notice awful parking almost every day and miserably there is no way out to deal with this. From a better angle when see these parking scenarios, if you feel, it’s tragic, if you think its comic; so just think and enjoy few parked moments clicked so apt!

It doesn’t matter whosoever has parked the cars this way, the only thing seems to have mattered is the space for stationary car!

Now that’s what happens when you’re parking like a douchebag

I say no to average parking

Now that’s what I call a double parking

Just chilling

Must be the whole family or something

Be aware! Douchebags are coming…

Going downstairs

There’s no place like swamp

It’s just more comfortable this way

Just looking for a secure place to park

Sunk in order to park

French kiss

Look at me! Me big man! Me drive big bus! Big bus no fit in space for lesser men

VIP parking

This guy seems to live in his own world

Excuse me!

Honey, I’m home


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