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Posted on 6/14/2011 10:09:00 PM

Airbus unveil the transparent plane

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With its see-through aircraft cabin, passengers of the future will get a get a window on the world as they fly through the sky.

For this plane with it's 'intelligent' cabin wall membrane and interactive games, may be everyday air transport in 2050.

The futuristic concept for travel in 40 years' time was yesterday unveiled in London by Airbus - and it'll terrify those who already have a fear of flying.

Artists impression of an x-ray of an 'intelligent' concept cabin of an aircraft of the future

'vitalising zone' which provides a panoramic view for passengers

First, business and economy cabins are replaced by zones for relaxation in the front, work in the back, and a fully-stocked bar for socialising.

Passengers will be able to see everything to the sides and in front of them. So blindfolds might be handy come take-off and landing time.

The aircraft's walls change according to light conditions. There are holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight entertainment powered by the heat of passengers' bodies.

The technology could mean travellers might even be able to read bedtime stories to their children back home.

Most of the basic technology such as moulding seats and 'head-up displays' already exist, but how Airbus plan to make the plant-based, transparent 'skin' of the plane remains a mystery.

Starry skies: The cabin wall membrane controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers views throughout the day and night

Artist's impression of how the aircraft of 2050 will look on the outside at night

Passengers will be able to play virtual golf in the interaction zone on the plane

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