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Flying through the sky, artist Kerry Skarbakka always looks a second away from broken bones or even a sticky end.

Every picture is guaranteed to raise either a gasp of horror or at least a sympathetic exclamation of 'ouch!' - unless, that is, you know the secret of his snaps.

For Kerry has a lot of support during his falls - he is literally strung up in place with harnesses and wires keeping him still and secure during the action shots.

Kerry's gallery can be found at http://www.skarbakka.com/.

Final fall: Kerry takes the final step from a railway bridge. Luckily the wires keep him on terra firma

Slip up: Whoops! One minute you're sitting down to read a book, the next minute you're flying up to the ceiling (note another of Mr Skarbakka's artworks reflected in the mirror)

Catch me if you can: Kerry 'falls' from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, USA

Window frame: Kerry appears to plunge past a startled office worker

Shower slip: Kerry slips over in the shower - we've probably all been there, albeit in less dramatic fashion

Do it yourself: Kerry said he tried to find models to pose for his art, but no-one took the plunge so he posed himself

Stair-ing death in the face: Again the invisible ropes keep Kerry safe from harm

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amiable amy on May 5, 2009, 11:37:00 AM  

outchhh indeed.....i wonder what had happen to them hehehe

anney on May 6, 2009, 9:13:00 PM  

Great stunts! They look real!I specially like the one in the shower but I think he overdid it. lol