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Posted on 7/26/2012 03:31:00 PM

15 Geeky Gifts For Babies

Whether you’re buying a new baby gift for a geeky couple, heading to a baby shower or buying something for your own offspring, I think you’ll see something you like in the next gallery.

Mute Button Pacifier Holder

What every new parent can only dream of...
 Cost: $9.99

SwaddleDesigns Featuring Angry Birds - Ultimate Receiving Blanket

The best baby blanket... ever.
 Cost: $28

Baby Paparazzi Bib

Say cheese!
 Cost: $9.99

Baby DJ Mix Master Bib

Spin some discs, little dude!
 Cost: $9.99

Chowbots Utensils

Do the robot every dinnertime.
 Cost: $14.99

Goodnight iPad

Bedtime stories, the geek way.
 Cost: $14.99

HTML For Babies
Start 'em young with this brilliant book, written by a web designer for his baby.
 Cost: $9.99

Uncle Goose Elemental Blocks

This great gift is an elementary choice for future geeks.
 Cost: $34

Google Sweatshirt Bib

Goo-goo Google!
 Cost: $13.55

Infant Troubleshooting Magnetic Flow Chart

Because babies don't come with a manual.
 Cost: $21.99

Nom Nom Nom Bib

I can has baby food?
 Cost: $5.99

Personalised New Baby Print

Finally, we just love this infographic-style birth record.
 Cost: $33.10

Niko & Lily Techie Baby Art Prints

These are adorable for a nursery wall.
 Cost: $39.95


So wrong, yet so very right...
 Cost: $11.95

<3PrincessesEngraving Teethers

Dribble-proof gadgetry.
 Cost: From $12
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