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They were all more straggly haired and dishevelled versions of themselves when they walked into the Green Dog beauty salon in Tokyo - where mud packs, massages and aromatherapy are also on the menu.

Following a shampoo pet and dry, these dogs look as good as new.

when sopping wet

Kabe, pictured is a Toy Poodle but looks more like Animal from the Muppets

Toy Poodle Biru, has the 'Miami Cut' at the salon where the dog's feet are shaven.

The ears make her look like Gromit's friend Wendolene

Done up to the ca-nines: Canon is a Shih Tzu who prefers the Veronica Lake peek-a-boo.

Her hair is kept long so it can be tied with ribbons

This Bichon Frise is called Letasu, meaning lettuce

when dried looks just like a polar bear cub. Perhaps that should be iceberg lettuce

This Standard Poodle looked in a bit of a state before he walked into the salon...

...but he walked out with a 'boot cut' which leaves the leg hair wide and fluffy


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