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Google needs its engineers to come up with brilliant ideas, and to help them do that apparently a work environment like the Big Brother House will do the trick.

The search giant’s London headquarters in Victoria covers three floors. But last November some of its 350 staff began using a revamped engineering floor - called L4 - that has to be one of the trendiest in the world.

Nelson Mattos, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, said: ‘We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment.’

When Google set about creating it, they started with a completely blank canvas.

All the walls were knocked through and the furniture taken away.

A Google worker hoping for inspiration

Cushions are all-important at Google

One of the ultra trendy meeting rooms in the London office

The Coffee Lab serves 19 blends

Google's corridors look very futuristic

For bigger team talks bosses can use this state-of-the-art suite

The office is designed to be completely stress free

Google workers are treated to a pool table and games consoles

Unconventional seating is a must at Google

Workers can even write ideas down on white boards in the corridors

One of the many relaxation areas in L4

A picture of a spaceship from Star Wars adorns one of the meeting-room walls

Workers can always tune out with a pair of headphones if they're being distracted

There's no diary room, but L4 does have futuristic meeting pods

May the force be with them: Programmers are encouraged to play with toys

Perhaps Google Googled 'trendy office' for inspiration

The next Google Doodle?

One hull of an office: The resident rowing boat

L4 is paradise for creative thinkers

Hi-tech video conferencing is a cinch at L4

Two workers admire their new super-clean office environment

All white on the night: There aren't many dark corners at Google

Global headquarters: The Googleplex headquarters in San Francisco is also quirky


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