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You have often heard about art imitating life, but an artist has taken the saying to a whole new level with an incredible collection of drawings that reveal a masterful eye for illusion.

Reality meets fantasy in this amazing series of drawings which are to be exhibited at art shows in London next month.

Using expertly-drawn sketches, Belgian artist Ben Heine blends pencil, photography, imagination and reality - and the results are truly astonishing.

X-ray vision: This man is a little more exposed than he should be in this clever drawing

Chain gang: These worker ants have been magnified as they walk across the twig in this piece

Ben's work is to be exhibited at a number of forthcoming art shows in London next month.

He will feature at the Art London exhibition, at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, from October 6 to October 10; the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea from October 20 to October 23 and Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead between October 27 and October 30.

Hitching a ride: An old-fashioned tram is seen rattling through a quiet street... but there's more to this than meets the eye

Mixed reality: This incredible sketch has captures the boats on the water sitting alongside a mermaid on a rock. A carefully-cut hole in the paper even makes room for the diver as he prepares to launch himself overboard

A hand holds a paper aeroplane

Leap of faith: Tiny men are seen jumping from block to block in this sketch. The drawing makes the apartment blocks on the horizon look like the computer game Tetris

A sits in a swing in the clouds, held aloft by two doves over a mountainous landscape

A dinosaur goes on the rampage... but city dwellers have nothing to fear from this pencil-drawn monster

Trick of the eye: Ben Heine's drawing takes optical illusion to a new level as this floor is turned into a giant chessboard

Here's looking at you: This incredible image breathes new life into this snapshot of three smiling children

'Full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism': Pencil Vs Camera mixes drawing, photography, imagination and reality

Dual fuel: This drawing splits the vehicle in two and has tiny toy cars driving through the middle of it

On the box: A quirky take on the BBC Breakfast presenters turn them back into two dimensional figures

Balancing act: A tight rope performer walks among the clouds in this moonlit fantasy

Not even tram lines escape the artist's mischievous eye

Table for one: One lonely panda, looking for companionship, seeks same... but is he really there?

Illusions: Art, imitating life, imitating art... the artist claims his technique is a 'new visual invention'

Great apes: A man is seen turning a camera on human's earliest ancestors, in this humorous take on the theory of evolution

Delicate steps: Those suffering from vertigo should look away now - this creation turns a pavement into a precarious mass of vertiginous blocks

Double vision: You could be forgiven for thinking you were under the influence of alcohol looking at this drawing of a cat

This simple coastal road has been transformed by Ben's technique

What an ass: These two donkeys are given a Heine makeover, complete with crazy sunglasses and thought bubbles

Watch your step! A man with a white stick is seen heading straight towards an open manhole

Fire starter: The flame on this clever drawing is a devil of an illusion

The koala bear could soon be out of time as the flames creep towards the tree it clings to

Skin and bones: A horse and bird are given the Heine treatment in the artist's exhibition

Global warning: This clever sketch gives a volcano an all together more interesting landscape

Two children are seen climbing among the stars in this celestial drawing

Taking in the view: A woman and child peer at some houses below, oblivious to the fact that one of the buildings has bee given a sketchy makeover

A little boy on a tricycle gets the Ben Heine treatment

The camera never lies... or does it? The photographer's eye is met with this fantastical scene


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