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Posted on 8/30/2011 02:09:00 PM

Pregnant Belly Arts

Danish artist Stine Bo uses pregnant Siri's stomach as a canvass as part of an photo exhibition, Aug. 12, 2011 in Round Tower of Copenhagen. Twenty artists use twenty pregnant womens' stomachs as canvases in the favour of the organization Maternity Worldwide. Art photographers Marie Wengler, Marte Holten and Karoline Tira Liberkind will later exhibit the pictures of the painted stomachs at Gallery Copenhagen Art. Revenues from sale of the photos will be donated to the organization Maternity Worldwide, whose purpose is to save women and childrens lives during pregnancy and childbirth in Ethiopia.

Pregnancy only lasts nine months so some moms wish to immortalize it by turning their bulging bellies into art.

Artist Brian Saaby uses pregnant Signe's stomach as a canvas as part of an photo exhibition Aug. 12, 2011 in Round Tower of Copenhagen.

Some women want a more permanent reminder of their pregnancy, like Atlanta mom Tisha DeShields who had a belly cast made of each of her four kids. Because she was married to former major league baseball player Delino DeShields, the first belly cast had a baseball slant. But ended up being prophetic as the kid was drafted into baseball when he was 17.

DeShields sells personal belly casting kits and gets some strange requests, such as the woman who thought her pregnant torso resembled a lion.

Houston-based body painter Vonetta Berry gets as much as $700 per belly painting and one of her favorites came from a woman who wanted a picture of what her child might look like trying to get out of the tummy.

Berry says that one client loved roses so much she decided to turn herself into one.

Vancouver-based body painter Allyson Grant says that painting a pregnant belly is an intimate experience for both the mother and the artist. Her first belly painting was on a woman about 7.5 months pregnant and during the 2 hours she worked on it, the shape was slowly shifting.


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