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Clustered Felted Stone Mat by Ronel Jordaan
If you are looking for more ways to incorporate nature into your home yet maintain a clean contemporary style, let me introduce the Clustered Felted Stone Mat!

Made from 100% merino wool, this functional art was created by South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan. It comes along with a fairly steep price tag of $500 that makes me want to brush up on my felting skills!

The Big Fried Egg Rug – Sunny Side Up Carpet
Architect Valentina Audrito’s fried egg throw-rug looks comfy and delicious! and apparently it was a hit at the Milan furniture fair.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Racoon Mario Rug
Handmade by EnemyAirShip as a birthday present, this beautiful 7×7 ft. Mario Racoon rug is made of 360 separate squares that represent 1 pixel each. It features the best moment in Super Mario Bros. 3 when the Tanooki suit transforms Mario into a racoon and allows him to fly.

Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet is a topographical marvel of a rug from Nani Marquina and it is more than just a simplerug. Its topography turns it into a comfortable and amusing three-dimensional space to sit, stretch and relax, either in domestic or public areas. Any of its corners can be lifted by wedges covered in natural grey felt.

Light Carpet
Light Carpet comes from Imu Design and was created by Johanna Hyrkas.When the night approaches, the unconventional carpet can be plugged in and it will shine, creating a soft light.

The Maze Patterns Rug
Amazed Ltd. has a crazy collection of artistic area rugs. This company saw an incredible therapeutic potential in their designs of mazes and labyrinths. The former with their many cul-de-sacs are intellectually enhancing left brain puzzles, whereas labyrinths are tools for the right hemisphere of the brain, that improve creativity and intuition.

Tapistongs Rug With Matching Slippers
Tapistongs by Lise El Sayed is a stylish carpet unlike others that comes with matching slippers built right in. Yes, you read it right, with the matching slippers. Most of us do think about the dirt our shoes and our visitors bring in from the outdoors. Now you and your guests can put the slippers on and you can be sure your floor is as clean as ever. Imagine, each room of your house can have matching slippers to the rug in that room!

NES Controller Rug
Here’s something fun for anyone who loves the classic Nintendo 8-bit console. It’s a fuzzy handmade rug that looks just like to original NES controller.
Created by WTCrafts, the NES controller rug is great for getting those cold feet warmed up in a hurry. The rug measures in at 33″ (w) x 16.5″ (h), and is made from soft yarn and has a fleece border. It sells for $49.99 (USD).

The Sightlines carpet
Design by Bev Hisey. AccoThe Sightlines carpet was inspired by numerous visits the designer had to make last year to an eye specialist. Every visit began with an eye test (tests are not one of hes strengths). These nerve racking tests summoned a post-traumatic-stress-type response, reminding him of hes school days.

Hopscotch Carpet
This carpet inspired by the game of hopscotch carpet can adapt to any room and is a great choice for children and adults.

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Posted on 5/25/2011 10:11:00 PM

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