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Posted on 2/13/2011 12:04:00 PM

The Award-winning Pet Portraits

Searching for the perfect shot, award-winning pet photographer Paul Walker will often spend days working with his canine charges.

‘I have done jobs with the most well-behaved dogs and the most badly-behaved, but love what I do so much it doesn’t bother me,’ he says.

No really, it is called bark. It is! Young Euan Walker and a clearly disbelieving springer spaniel called Ellie

Bad hair day? I suppose you'll be recommending a shampoo and setter, says lively Kerry

it's a long road for this English springer spaniel

That's why they call it a Highland fling: Two white terriers having the time of their lives on the beach

'Hmmm... what's that chappie doing with that funny box thing? Dunno, old boy. Can we eat it?' Curious whippets

I'm keeping the ball: Cocker spaniel puppy Tilly isn't playing but it's a different story for this fellow.

Frankly, I make even Jack Dee seem cheerful: Buster the boxer ponders life

Do I want to fetch a ball? Do I? I might be a posh Dogue de Bordeaux but I still like a bit of fun

It's mine! It's mine! These Hungarian Vizslas are in serious pursuit. But the Jack Russell adds a peep of fun


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anney on Feb 14, 2011, 5:02:00 PM  

I love the second and 2nd to the last pics! Cute and funny!