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Posted on 8/10/2010 12:25:00 PM

Not-so-lucky Bridesmaid Dresses

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Belle … Is That You?
The only time these poor bridesmaids could don this dress again is if they plan to get a summer gig at Disney World. It would be a perfect costume in Beauty and the Beastly Dress.

Seeing Double.
You could be the smallest person in the world and still look rotund in this dress. Please don’t ever put your best gal friends in black and white horizontal stripes, unless of course, you secretly hate them.

Why So Blue?
Well the answer to that, Paul McCartney, should be obvious. Have you seen what I am wearing?! There are all sorts of things wrong with this dress; the color doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Junior High Dream
I think that I might’ve worn this exact dress to my seventh-grade dance. A busy neckline to distract from my flat chest and the oh-so-classy fade to white effect; what’s not to love?

Hot or Not
One neon color is pushing the limit, two is going a little too far; throw in the yellow bouquet, and you’ve officially arrived at “What were you thinking?”

Floral Fiasco
I don’t care how much you like flowers, this much floral print in this many places can never turn out looking good. On the up side, the need for bouquets has been eliminated.

Revenge of the Ruffles
This picture might be from the early1800s, or the bride just wished that she lived in a simpler time. Well, honey, it’s not 1804 anymore, and we have cameras to document every bad decision you make. These dresses might just top your list.

Mellow Yellow
There’s nothing I’d love to do more than throw on a bright yellow, floor-length gown and stand up in front of a ton of strangers. If my friend asked me to wear this, I would very kindly ask her to stick a bonnet in it.


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