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1. London, England

2. Mount Everest and Makalu, Nepal

3. Cargill Salt Ponds in San Francisco Bay

4. Skagway, Alaska

5. The Alps

6. Sokongen Island, Greenland

7. Midwest, USA

8. Lagos, Nigeria

9. Mount Ranier, Washington

10. Madison, Wisconsin

11. New York, New York

12. Midwest, USA

13. Greenland

14. Mount Pico, Portugal

15. Mount St. Helen, Washington

16. St. Elias Icefields, Greenland

17. Cairo, Egypt

18. San Luis Obispo County, California

19. Fuel depot explosion in 2006. London, England.

20. Southern Wisconsin

21. Austria sunrise

22. Selangor River, Malaysia

23. Grand Canyon, Arizona

24. Great Salt Lake, Utah

25. Talbot Bay, Australia

26. Oahu, Hawaii

27. Great Plains, USA

28. Bali, Indonesia

29. Nebraska, USA

30. Los Angeles, California

31. Lima, Peru

32. Koh Samui, Thailand

33. San Francisco Bay, USA

34. Shanghai, China

35. Queenstown, New Zealand

36. Mount Fuji, Japan

37. San Francisco, California

38. Cuyama Valley, California

39. Cape Verde, Africa

40. Phucket, Thailand

41. Alberta, Canada

42. Yenesei River, Russia

43. Casabermeja, Spain

44. The Bavarian Countryside, Germany

45. Atkinson, Nebraska

46. Mauritius

47. Hong Kong, China

48. Outside Narita, Japan

49. Lake Nasser, Egypt

50. Outside Paris, France

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~ jessie ~ on Apr 19, 2011, 4:15:00 PM  

Omaigoshhh...amazing pictures!!!!! How great is Thou Art!!!! ;))